To protect the markups of local resellers, Lowrance has built in its versions of its HDS GPS / Sounder devices a “Geo Fence”, which track the location of the device. The units built with US base maps (identical to world versions). 

  But this pretty little thing – Geofence –  prevents the use of the acquired and long-awaited device to the maximum. So you obviously purchased an instrument intended only for the United States, and you still haven’t solved the problems with geofence. Right? Because it is written in the firmware, which is a programmable component, so for which you need to “write” code and change it. Before that, let’s look the instructions how to ‘fight” with Geo Fence.

  On this basis, there are two unlocks that can be done:

  1) GEOFENCE UNLOCKLowrance Geofence request code

  You need to find the two request Codes. First one – Geofence Request code. It looks like this:

  You can find it in System settings. There is a line in the Menu “Disable Geofencing”. If it is not visible, go to System – >Advanced – and turn it on.

Disable geofencing dialog

  Now if in Previous menu will appear “Disable Geofencing” – you got it!



  You can also find it in the System Settings. Enter the Language selection tab, scroll down to the end of Language list, in the bottom you will find “Language Pack Unlock Dialogue”.Language pack request code

  It happens, when Language is not active, then you are unable to switch because of inactive button. It’s a common issue, just make a hard reset. Here is a quick video of how to do it. Be sure to go quickly to the menu after the rebooting of devices, while the unit doesn’t catch the satellites and locks itself again in geofenced mode.

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