Language pack unlock for Lowrance chartplotters 

For nearly 50 years, Lowrance has been a world leader in marine electronics. Their products almost perfect, you know. But, pity to say, there are always some minuses. For example, in many Chartplotters you can meet such thing like GeoFence. Geofencing of US models means they have “limited functionality” when used outside the US region, plus they get a annoying message across the screen about unit’s unvalidity.

  But we think, you already know, that Lowrance uses Geofencing. If not, will know soon. Because, nowadays it is a widespread problem between HDS users. This means that there are HDS devices intended for sale in North / South America, and there are separate devices intended for sale in the rest of the world. This helps protect dealers in other continents from importing of the gray market. It also allows Lowrance to create different rules around the world.

  The warning, that you can not change the language should appear only if you have bought or transported the American HDS across the ocean. He will continue to display this warning and will also be translated into English. Of course, for native speakers or people, who knows English well it will be not a problem.

  But! If you have difficulties with English, you can choose Language pack unlock service.

  Almost all world languages are available after unlock, please check it below.

  We advise you to order it together with geofence unlock (About GeoFence Unlocking you can find here).

  But it is optional, and you can do it after.

Language pack unlock Lowrance