Unit not valid for use in this area – Geofence Unlock

  You bought a USA version of Lowrance HDS Gen3 or HDS Carbon or newest HDS LIVE Chartplotter, and after delivery to your country you has discovered that it is locked – always getting the message “Unit not valid for use in this area”. Why that happened? From 2010, the Lowrance Company introduced the so-called Geofencing technology on all models of HDS, which introduces restrictions on the possibility of using these devices outside the United States. In this case you will have such problems, as:

unit not valid for use in this area

  1) You can’t switch the Language, it is only in English

  2) You have an annoying message “Unit not valid for use in this area”

  3) You can’t switch feet to meters, Fahrenheit to Celsius – everything just locked in one place and does not change.

  It is very hard to do, using feet as metric system, if you never have done this before.

  And Fahrenheit degrees are more complicated than Celsius.
So use of the device is just pain in the ass.

  Only one option can save you:

  Geofence Unlock – please, look at the video how easy it is. We have a working solution.

  All you have to do is contact us!

  It is important to know! If you didn’t pay attention to this “not valid” message right away, or if you didn’t have time to figure it out, you suddenly discover that there is no geofence button, do not panic. When the application in the device is updated, there may be such a problem as the disappearance of this button. What to do? You have to uninstall the application and reinstall it again. This should help and a button will appear. Then you can safely disable geofence, following our instructions.